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  1. 2010 February 2


    I wold like to speak with you about a new travel opportunity, I mean travel is why you joined YTB right? Visit my new travel and fishing mlm opportunity, we are seeking leaders like yourself to bring our business to the masses. Check out Let’s Get Fisfing and stop pushing girdles and the other junk YTB is pushing.

    Brent Vanderstelt

  2. 2010 February 8
    Chad Hunt permalink

    Getting shoe money and having a outlet in the city….best of both worlds!

  3. 2010 July 20
    Val permalink

    Brent is a very sensitive person obviously who gives a lot of thought to the time, devotion and sweat put into a business and the upset that comes from something so out of a business owners control …not to mention how it feels.. Yes, definitely leadership qualities. Must be a newbie in the industry.
    Candi, with your heart and energy you will attract the success and types of people you want to work with. You’ve gone through the ropes and when Mr. Fish ends up with a handful of worms maybe he’ll have gained some humility and come back to you for some guidance.


  4. 2010 December 1

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  5. 2014 May 28
    Johng865 permalink

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